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Personalized Chemotherapy Tests Cleared for Use in China

By July 23, 2014November 6th, 2021No Comments

Exposure Optimization Tests

Fosun Diagnostics, a division of Fosun Pharmaceuticals, and Saladax Biomedical, Inc. today announced the launch of the MyCare™ portfolio of exposure optimization tests in China. Saladax Biomedical develops and markets MyCare diagnostic tests designed to customize chemotherapy dosing for patients.

Fosun Diagnostics is Saladax’s manufacturing, clinical and market development partner in China for the entire MyCare line.
MyCare assays are blood tests that provide oncologists with specific information about each patient’s exposure to a chemotherapy drug, helping the doctor to make informed decisions on dose adjustments. The goal of each blood test is to maximize the chemotherapy’s effectiveness and limit potential side effects. MyCare is built upon the Saladax technology platform and extensive patent portfolio.

“China has a long established history of personalized medicine and these assays will give our healthcare providers a way to manage each patient individually, thereby allowing for the best possible outcomes as they battle cancer,” said Ted Zhu, CEO of Fosun Diagnostics Division.
“Our investment in, and partnership with Saladax, was for the specific purpose of bringing this kind of personalized cancer care to the people of China and we are pleased to begin making these diagnostic tests available.”

Fosun received CFDA clearance to market three MyCare assays – My5-FU™, MyPaclitaxel™, and MyDocetaxel™. Fosun will manage distributors and will work directly with large healthcare facilities and oncologists to make this technology available to the large Chinese market. Fosun imported the technology from Saladax Biomedical Inc. and it is currently CEmarked.

At present, these products are in clinical use in the United States, Japan, and Europe. “The launch of Saladax’s MyCare tests in China represents an important milestone for Saladax,” said Kevin M. Harter, President and CEO of Saladax. “Fosun has been an excellent business partner in all respects, and we have high expectations for this market.”
The MyCare technology platform and product portfolio are in a leading position in the world.

Through continuous product research and development, the portfolio can cover up to 80%- 90% of the routine anti-tumor drug monitoring market. Fosun Diagnostics will maintain close cooperation with Saladax and develop more of the anti-tumor drug tests to meet the market demand in China.

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